The Blackout 2: J.Crude Vs Weapon

Check out this dope battle between 2 crazy styles


The Blackout 2: Wreck Vs J.Beast

Wreck Vs Jr Beast buck battle

Th e Blackout 2: Weez Fam Vs Tha Last Slaughtz

“Blood Tiez”
Real fam, Real blood brotherz… This was a epic battle that went down at the BlackOut 2 event. ShoutOut to the 4 of these guys, dope battle

The Blackout 2: B-Bucc Vs J.Konkrete

Check out this buck battle between B-Bucc from the DC crew in LA &
Jr Konkrete, leader of the OneRound crew in Vegas

The Blackout 2: Baby Stryker Vs Yung Ave

Check out this buck battle between WestB & UpRawr

Blackout 2: J.Knuck Vs Yung Zero

Check out a crazy battle between Rawchyld aka J Knuck & Bam aka Yung Zero go head 2 head at the BlackOut 2 event…

The Blackout 2 : J.FleshKilla Vs Lil Ny

heck out this very buck battle between Lil Ny Maddness & Jr. FleshKilla

The Blackout 2 : Baby StreetBully Vs Baby TightEyex

Check out this insane battle between Showoff aka B.Street & Beast aka B.Eyex

The Realm: Crush vs Grichka ‘Pay Back Hype

The Realm: Bdash vs Solow